The European Search Awards 2015 — Berlin, Germany

The European Search Awards are an international competition that celebrate the very best in SEO, PPC, Digital and Content Marketing in Europe.

The awards are now in their fourth year and attract hundreds of entries from some of the leading search and digital agencies and professionals from across Europe.

Winners of previous awards have realized significant business benefits through their wins:

“The Search Awards are without doubt the most prestigious search industry awards in Europe. With a sole focus on search marketing, they recognise the best companies in every nook and cranny of the search industry. Winning an award for Best PPC Management Software at the UK and European Awards has given our clients and prospects the confidence they have the right solution in Marin, as judged by an independent panel against the competition.» – Jon Myers, VP & Managing Director, Marin Software EMEA

“What does it mean for me to win this award? It means I am sure that I’ve done things well. This award is the result of a year of dedication and effort. It’s important for me to highlight my team’s efforts and dedication, and it is an honor to receive an award of these characteristics. The European Search Awards are similar to the Oscars for us: it ‘s very hard to come by one but it is worth the effort.” – Julia Gonzalez, Performics, Spain

Text optimization

To make the site more competitive, it is necessary to make some improvements with related pages on the site, which are not difficult, but professional, making it correct not only for visitors but also to search engines measures. Each search engine does its best to make the results sent to user requests and they mostly match what users need. The task of the search engine is indexing pages from different sites in such a way that the pages become less relevant search at the bottom of the list and therefore pages that are optimized for search objective is at the top of the list.

Optimization of text on a webpage will get the following results:

— page content is more compact;

— The text has no «water», which reduces the overall weight of the information on the page;

— A set of optimized texts automatically increases the rank of the entire site.

Typically, not all pages of a website are optimized (this is a common misconception), but only a part of the «most important» pages. To improve the relevance of a site, promotion is necessary, it is the next step when performing work with a particular site (after the creation, optimization of HTML and text optimization on the pages).

There is a specific purpose in optimizing your text — in accordance with an area or cell of the structure of information a search engine, which coincides with the maximum content of the site. You can not dismiss these things, although some techniques for optimizing text for search engines to be absurd (Search Engine Optimization — SEO) — many ignore the advices, so ask yourself:. «Where are now these Romans». Maybe some texts optimized for site are very difficult to read — and they are not for reading. SEO refers to the process of order content and correcting name of each page — both parties, internally and in the optimization of website text by keyword.

If you are able to write good and unique texts, but does not give adequate attention to internal optimization for search engines, they will not be able to force their way to their ranking in the top 10 search results for questions related to these wonderful articles. Thus, these wonderful texts do not attract a significant amount of traffic within the search engines.

How to determine the relevance (compliance) of the document to a specific request? In the beginning of times, search engines ranked pages by evaluating its content — texts. In particular,  the frequence of the most important phrases (and the percentage of a word or keywords on the total weight of the text) was very important. For example, if a user writes a request «success formula», then at the top of the list there are sites that use that phrase more often.

To be continued…