About us

  • Text optimization is very important for site promotion in Google. Moreover, work with the text should be done before buying links for your site, contextual advertising, and using other methods of website promotion

    Our service can provide you with simple recommendations to improve your site content: what words (and where exactly) you need to add or delete to make your pages relevant according to Google. All you need to start is to enter your site address and add the keywords. Recommendations will be formed within a minute.

Creating a project

  • First of all you need to create a project:

    1. If you are not registered yet, you must enter the URL of your site:


    Then click on this button:


    In the following window enter your keywords and relevant pages you want to receive recommendations for. If the checkbox above is active, we will find relevant pages automatically:


    Then click “Add queries”:


    Then click “Give me recommendations”:


    Then you need to register:


    And after logging in you"ll see the project you’ve created.

    2. If you are already registered and logged in our system, specify the URL of your site at the main page:


    then repeat the steps above (without registering).

    3. If you are registered, logged in and you already have projects, click “+New project” on the page “My Projects”:


    and repeat the steps above.

    Please note that your region for the first project will be automatically detected by your ip. For subsequent projects you may wish to set the language and region manually, according to your site (this is very important to get the right recommendations):


Receiving recommendations

  • To see the generated recommendations for a query, click on “show recoms” near it (see 1 on screenshot):


    1 -

    2 - the number of unfinished recommendations (we check it regularly)

    3 - update the percentage of finished recommendations and get new recommendations (if necessary) for all projects

    4 - your keyword

    5 - URL of the relevant page (you need to change its html-code according to recommendations)

    6 - the current position of the page for this query in Google top100

    7 - Percentage of finished recommendations for a specific page

    8 - Summary graph of positions of all queries in the project

    9 - export recommendations for the whole project (in excel file)

    10 - refresh the percentage of finished recommendations and get new recommendations (if necessary) for this project

    11 - graph of the positions of this query

    12 - refresh the percentage of finished recommendations and get new recommendations (if necessary) for this query

    13 - change the query. You can change both the keyword and the URL of the relevant page, then recommendations will be updated.

    14 – add new query

Paid mode

  • The number of projects to add is unlimited, you can have up to 5 queries in each.

    But if you want to add more than five queries in one project, it will cost $20 per month (for one project). In this paid mode the number of queries is unlimited.

    So when you add more than 5 queries, you’ll be prompted to convert the free-project to a paid mode project:


    Then you will be warned that funds will be debited from the balance:


    If the funds on the balance is not enough, you’ll see a warning. Click on it to go to the payment pop-up :


    If you have enough funds on the balance, $20 will be charged and the project will become paid for one month.

    To fill up balance you can use PayPal: press the “+ Funds” and just follow the instructions.

    Once the paid month is over, you will see a prevention sign on a page with projects (see 1 on screenshot):


    Pressing button 2 will prolongate all expired projects.

    If you want to prolongate only one project, then go to it’s tab (3), where a warning message appears:


    After clicking on “continue work” you can pay for the project.


  • To open the profile settings, click on your username at the top of the interface:


    The pop-up will appears:


    1 - the language of the service interface, it doesn't affect the recommendations

    2 - the region for your new projects, it affects the recommendations. You can change it here or while creating a new project (you may have several projects in different regions)

    3 - you can change the password here.


  • To get to this page, click on the button in the top bar:


    On the following page you can see the charges and write-offs of your balance:


    1 - the time period you want to see statistics for

    2 - the date of the transaction. By clicking on the left icon you can expand or hide the transaction description

    3 - Description of the transaction

    4 - amount of the money charged from the balance

    5 - amount of the money credited to the balance

    6 – end-of-day balance